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Exercise For Pre & Post Natal

Whether you are pregnant or have given birth, and have a new baby, an exercise plan can be created just for you. An exercise plan is created that takes into account your unique physical needs and lifestyle demands...

Exercise For Pre & Post Natal
Exercise For Diabetes

Exercise has many benefits, whether for general health or chronic diseases. Learn what the most current evidence-based research shows about the benefits of exercise...

Exercise For Diabetes
Pre & Post Natal
Older Adults/Elderly
What does an  Exercise Physiologist do?
An Exercise Physiologist studies the science of exercise and issues to do with behaviour change to start and maintain exercise...
What does an  Exercise Physiologist do?
Did you know you could get up to 50% Off with a Medicare Rebate?
Costs are an important factor when considering a service. Learn about Medicare Rebates you may be unaware of...
Did you know you could get up to 50% Off with a Medicare Rebate
The Exercise Plan
The goal of the 5 session package is to empower you to exercise with your own unique plan...
The Exercise Plan
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Don't think exercise is for you? Never exercised much before? Intimidated to start or know where to begin? Start exercise and then stop? Not enough time in the day? There are solutions to these concerns. Exercise is important to prevent chronic diseases...
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