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Am I eligible for a Medicare Rebate? How much will I get off the cost with a Medicare Rebate?

Did you know you could get up to 50% off with a Medicare Rebate?

I don’t know much about what an Exercise Physiologist is or does. What is an Exercise Physiologist?

What Does an Exercise Physiologist Do?

What skills can I hope to take away from the 5 session package?

The Exercise Plan

I have never done much exercise before and I’m a bit hesitant to try. Is the Exercise Plan suitable for me?

Whatever your age (that includes 85 years and over), past exercise history, or unique medical history, exercise is important. An individualized Exercise Plan will be created to specifically suit you. Everyone is unique, but also there are many similarities, and the same fears and hesitations you may have about trying exercise, you’d be surprised that many others feel the same.

I have had periods in my life where I have exercised and then I have stopped exercising due to different reasons. Can an Exercise Physiologist help with this?

Yes. This is an extremely common experience. In fact it’s to be expected, as life fluctuates and changes. It’s being taught the skills to be flexible enough to recommence exercise when it is stopped due to different reasons. An Exercise Physiologist is trained to look at the broader issues that effect whether people adhere to an Exercise Plan over the long term. An Exercise Physiologist doesn’t just teach you exercises alone, very importantly they help you with all the issues that arise to do with maintaining exercise.

I have a medical condition/chronic disease and there are certain limitations and things I must be careful of. Is the Exercise Plan suitable for me?

Yes. An Exercise Physiologist is educated in depth on a broad range of chronic diseases and will create an Exercise Plan that specifically meets your needs.

I don’t have a medical condition or chronic disease. Do Exercise Physiologists just work with people with chronic diseases?

No. An Exercise Physiologist does work with people with chronic diseases to manage their chronic disease, but they also work with healthy populations. Exercise is used to prevent chronic diseases and maintain and increase health in healthy populations.


What does an  Exercise Physiologist do?

Did you know you could get up to 50% Off with a Medicare Rebate?

The Exercise Plan
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