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The Exercise Plan

The Exercise Plan consists of a 5 session package. Each of the five sessions are of a 1 hour duration. The 5 sessions are spread over a 5 week period, one session per week.

What Can I Hope to Get out of the 5 session package?

At the end of the five session package you will have an individualized Exercise Plan. This plan will be uniquely created for you, to best suit your unique lifestyle demands, commitments, preferences, likes, dislikes and needs. The Exercise Plan will incorporate the four elements of physical fitness.
To read more on this see: The Four Elements of Physical Fitness.

During the 5 sessions you will learn specific strengthening and stretching exercises, and you will gain the confidence to continue these exercises independently after the five session package is over. The whole 5 session package is based on providing education and skills that will empower you to have the confidence to continue the exercise plan independently, after the 5 session package is over. You will also receive an individualized booklet that will include the instructions of your specific strengthening and stretching exercises. You will learn skills to cope with barriers to adhering to an Exercise Plan for the long term.

Consultation Fee


Consultation Fee per each of the 5 sessions

Medicare Rebates per Consultation

Future individual consultations





Aged and Disability




*There is a choice of either home visits or gym visits for the consultations. Clients choosing gym visits, in addition to the consultation fee listed above, pay their own gym entry fee for each 1 hr consultation.

If you choose gym visits for consultations, you will still be taught how to conduct an exercise plan independently of a gym, just as the clients choosing home visits will be taught.

#Clients must be on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan to receive a Medicare Rebate. For more details see: Did you know you could get up to 50% off with a Medicare Rebate?

Future Individual Consultations

After your own individual exercise plan has been created and you have learnt exercise skills for the 4 elements of Physical Fitness in the 5 session package, you may need a further individual consultation in the future. There may be several reasons why you may choose to have a future consultation. Your lifestyle may have changed and you may have stopped exercising and need help to get back on track. You may want to adapt the plan by increasing the intensity to gain further benefits. Whatever the reason, future individual consultations are available, after the 5 session package has been completed. The fees for future individual consultations are listed above.

What does an  Exercise Physiologist do?

Did you know you could get up to 50% Off with a Medicare Rebate?

The Exercise Plan
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